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Justin Trawick and the Common Good : The Riverwash EP (2018)

Landon Elliott and the Goods : the Wildflowers EP (2016)

River City Hymnal : Currents (2014)

Bone & Co. : Galilee (2014)

Nathan Jey Tingle: A Certain Sound - Single (2014)

River City Hymnal: The Wonders EP (2013)

The Little Bear: Heaven (2013)

With Heather Bond: I Love You More than I Ever Did - Single (2012)

Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers: A Pirate's Christmas (2012)

Allison Cornell: Backwards Now (2012)

The Little Bear: Bridges (2011)

Shannon Labrie: Black Hole Secret - Single (2010)

James Tealy: The Hardest Step to Land (2009)

The Rose Factor: Beautiful Picture (2009)

Nathan Jey: Film (2007)

Unit Five: Unit Five (2003)

Vertigo: Melodramatics (1999)