Welcome to the site, and thanks for stopping in. I want to use this page to fill you in on where I've been, what I do, and where I'm going. I've dedicated the past 18 years of my life to the art of playing the drums. Because I love it. The drums have driven many of the biggest decisions of my life and some of my favorite memories were made behind a drum kit.

Where I've been
I've loved the drums since I was old enough to know what they were, and I got my first set when I was 13 in Yorktown Virginia. All I wanted to do was play, so I did it every chance I got; drum lessons, the school marching band, the church worship team, and my first rock band, 'Vertigo'. Before long I started teaching drum students of my own, playing live music, and I recorded on my first record in 1999.

I followed my dream to James Madison University and studied the music business. I auditioned to join the JMU Marching Band Drumline, the Pep Band at basketball games, and a jazz combo. I did all three throughout my college days as well as playing for a local gospel choir, and numerous independent rock bands. I spent countless hours practicing (which isn't entirely true, because I did count them back then), put in a lot of time on the stage and in the studio, and even marched and played in the Macy's Day Parade.

I wanted to put myself to the test after graduation so I packed up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, which I ended up making my home for more than eight years. I landed a gig with a national touring Christian rock artist shortly after moving to music city and my dream felt like a reality. I wanted to take full advantage of my new home so I studied under the best drummers I could find, including Zoro (Lenny Kravitz), Geoff Clapp (Wynton Marsalis, Peter Martin), and Derrek Phillips (Dr. John, Charlie Peacock). Over the years I was very fortunate and got the chance to work with some of my favorite artists. I played on records that I'm proud of, recorded on Music Row and with world renowned producers, toured extensively in the southeast and across the US, and played radio shows, in music videos and on national TV. I believe that I became a professional in Nashville, and my time there shaped my playing and my life in a deeper way than I can explain.

I made the decision in 2012 to move to Richmond Virginia to be close to my family and to start a family of my own. I now call Richmond home and love being part of a music scene that is developing and refining itself and coming more to life every day.

What I do
You can take a look at the artists listed on the right, check out the 'music' page, or listen to some of the tracks on the site and get a pretty good idea of my strong points, but in addition to having worked in a large range of genres and musical situations, I have a few assets that make me stand out. I have the background and the professional gear to handle a slick modern drum sound, that classic vintage drum feel, and the tight and open sound of jazz. The drum set is my go-to instrument, but I use a variety of unique percussion set-ups when the music or the gig calls for it. I'm comfortable working live and in the studio with a click, and I have lots of experience running backing tracks on stage. I have drum mics and a small home studio where I record and produce demo's, drum tracks, and full band tracks, and I use a portable recorder for capturing full band rehearsals and sending mp3s to the band for further preparation. I have developed a charting system that makes learning songs quick and easy, so I can be ready to go when you need me, even on short notice.

Where I'm going
That's where you come in. I want to get out and play. Give me a call!

All the best,